Cryptocurrency investment tracking made easy. No registration required.

A free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker!

Blocktray is a free online cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. No registration, easy to use and of course safe! Your user account will not have any personal data attached to it.

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Some of our features

Find your cryptocurrency

We have a comprehensive selection of curyptocurrencies. Over 1500 with updated prices.

Track investments

We update prices for all our cryptocurrencies every hour, so you can get accurate information at all times.


Your account will be a unique URL that you use in order to access your investments. This URL is everything that is assosiated with your account.

Price databse

For every cryptocurrency we have price records from Jan. 1. 2017 (if it existed at that time). Add old investments and see their development.

Secure portfolio

Your investments are stored encrypted on our server. If you want a additional layer of security we offer encryption in your browser aswell.

Easy to use

We have done everyting we can to make your experience easy and worry free. Changes are saved automaticlly aswell.

Personal encryprion

We store all investments encryped on our server, BUT you can encrypt your portfolio before its uploaded with your own passphrase.

Share with friends

You can share a no-edit account to show your investments to friends. They can view, but not edit your investments.


Investment dashboard with latest price updates on your investments. Pretty neat!
Detailed portfolio value chart with lots of options.
In one click you can share your portfolio with a unique URL! Even with strangers on reddit! You can also password protect the shared portfolio to limit access!
Cool loading screen!

FAQ - Common questions

How can you be sure that no one knows your account URL?

There are about 52^26 different user account combinations. In addition to that we have set up recaptcha in order to protect our site from brute force attacks. We plan to add the date/time when you opened your portfolio the last time aswell.

I lost my account url, what should I do?

If you loose your account URL we cant help you, the extensive privacy has that cost. You can make a new portfolio and supply the same dates (we will suggest the price for your currency on that date).

I lost my personal encryption password, what should I do?

If you loose your account password we cant help you, the extensive privacy has that cost.

Inactive accounts, when are those deleted?

Inactive accounts will be deleted if no login has been made for 6 months in order to preserve disk space on our server.

About us

Blocktray was started because of a Google search. I was looking for a place where I could store and track my cryptocurrency investments on Google, there were plenty of such services. Most of them require you to make a user account and you have to provide personal information such as your name, email, and so on for this simple task. This is contradicting with the idea of cryptocurrency were your currency is not associated with your personal information.
There must be a better way..

There were some exceptions, for example android or iPhone apps where you could track your investments. But most of these apps did not have any sort of price history for the coins you purchased at x date. This was a deal breaker. For example, if you bought some Bitcoin, Monero and Flash in 2017 and you wanted to see the how the value of your assets had developed from that date till today. This was not possible because the apps only tracked prices from the date you installed the app.

If there was a free service that could do the things above I would be happy, but what about sharing. Let’s say you wanted to share your investments with your friends, relatives or strangers even? In a safe and private manner. This was time consuming if you used a app on your phone for example. You could take a screenshot of your app, but that’s a hassle and prices can change meanwhile while the picture stays the same. As a result this was also added to the “Features I want” list.

With the list completed I set out to create this service for my own personal use. It took some time yes, but I am happy with the result and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Feel free to give feedback.

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